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5 Ideas to Steal from 5 Compact Living Rooms

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Here’s the dilemma of homeowners: they love inviting friends over but they don’t know how to fit everyone inside a small living space. While some can stay in the balcony and dining area, there are guests who simply want to relax and get comfy in the (small) living room. Don’t panic! You can turn a limited space into an inviting corner—so inviting, that your guests will surely want to stay there for good!

Is It Okay to Have a Staircase in a Small Space?

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We’re used to seeing grand staircases in hotels and spacious homes. But is it advisable to add a staircase in a small home? While there are homeowners who maximize this part of the house by turning it into a nook, home office, or pantry extension—there are those who are wary about the space that it will take up. Interior designer Wilan Dayrit shares a couple of insights:

6 Flooring Options Worth a Second Look

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When considering flooring, a lot of folks spend tons of time debating whether hardwood or carpet is right for their space (and budget). But there are plenty of other flooring options out there, many of which are surprisingly affordable. Here are six that you might not have thought of.

8 Small (But Impactful) Bathroom Upgrades To Do This Weekend

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Does your bathroom need an upgrade? For not a lot of money, and without outside help, you can dramatically boost your bath’s appearance in a weekend — without the need for a full renovation. Small improvements (as your time and wallet allow) are a manageable alternative to full-scale remodeling, but have a transformative effect that’s refreshing and gratifying. Try one of these 8 small-scale projects yourself…

What NOT To Do: A Pro Reveals the Top 3 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Planning a Project

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Jean Lauer is the brains behind The Sweeten, a super successful “matchmaking” service that pairs NYC homeowners with the professionals who can help them make their home into the place of their dreams. So, in other words, she’s seen it all when it comes to what makes a project go smoothly or, well, not-so-much. Here are her top three things to NOT do when planning your renovation—give them a read to help keep your expectations (and sanity!) in check…

Before & After: A Sleek New Look for a Compact Brooklyn Bathroom

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When Ellen and Ben bought their first home, a 1963 co-op in Brooklyn’s Kensington neighborhood, they had big remodeling dreams: they planned to update the whole place, starting with the kitchen. But then they got cold feet. They’d never remodeled anything before, and starting with their kitchen, which felt like the heart of their apartment, seemed like a pretty big task. So they decided to start small(ish), with the master bathroom.

Their big goals for their bathroom remodel were to open up the dated space and make it feel bigger and brighter. They also wanted to replace their older fixtures with newer, more water-efficient ones.

The Modern Kitchen: 5 Countertops to Consider

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paperstone countertop
Countertops can make or break a kitchen, not only in terms of their use and durability, but in how they look, feel, and mesh with the overall look of the space. Leaving aside the more practical considerations for a moment (head to our Ultimate Guide to Choosing Countertops if you want some quick pros and cons), I’m considering what feels truly modern in a kitchen these days.

Of course, what constitutes a “modern” material is open for (endless) discussion, and I can only give you my personal opinion. Currently, I’m all about a smooth but natural feel and uniformity of colour. That leaves plastic-y solid surfaces, heavily veined marble, and rustic butcher block—as much as I may like them—out of the running. Instead, take a gander at these five options, and share your suggestions in the comments below.